Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project (DCFP)


The DCFP is dedicated to restoring the Deschutes National Forest, making it more resilient to fire, insects, and disease. At the same time, creating better wildlife habitat, space for trees to grow, and a forest that is safer for communities. However, much of the active restoration work, like prescribed burning or logging, takes place within a very active outdoor recreation mecca, where tourism dollars support the local economy. Trail closures or smoke from prescribed burning have long-held a negative public opinion.


The Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project needed a fresh, multi-channel marketing strategy to tell their story and creating more urgency around the threat of forests in declining health.


Working with their 19 forest restoration stakeholders, we defined strategic communications priorities and rolled out projects that advanced the group’s goal to speak effectively about forest restoration methods to a broader audience.

We outlined a phased campaign, which included a logo redesign, brand style guide, a mobile responsive website, coordinating print marketing pieces and event materials.

Our favorite? Since Bend, Oregon has the most craft breweries per capita of anywhere in the U.S., we designed custom beer coasters for use in regional breweries, to aid in their outreach efforts.